Teatro dei Venti - (ITALY)

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A work developed around a deep reflection over the woman’s body, through the physical work of the actress Francesca Figini, originating from the notes and suggestions given by “Wood Painting” by Ingmar Bergman, a solo act for a female actor which talks about the female nature, femininity, and the rush towards the limit, beyond the limit. Time is indifferent. Everything is destined to transform, to deform, and to age. Before the end, every human being, wanting or not, will have to deal with the passing of time. There are those who will accept it and those who will try to stay alive, halting the regression (or the progression, according to point of view). Each and every expression we decide to stamp on our face is allowed, but the end is must. There is a trick but no illusion. As time passes everything changes colour and nature. On stage, a woman, her time advancing and her struggle to stop it. The woman has no name. She could be any entity: a wife, a mother, a love, a whore. To be born, to love, to fuck, to eat, to defecate, to die. The dramaturgy develops upon the lacing of two time lines: one is the curvy and rough everyday succession of conquests and defeats, the other the straight and relentless decline to old age, to which she opposes with all her might…

with Francesca Figini

Director: Stefano Tè

Dramaturgy: Giulio Costa and Stefano Tè

Music: Alessandro Pivetti

Production: Teatro dei Venti

Premio Presente e Futuro 2013

Premio del Pubblico Crash Test 2014

Premio della Giuria Crash Test 2014

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