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Moby Dick

Available for the tour

Herman Melville’s novel “Moby Dick” is a work full of philosophical, scientific, religious and sociological commentary about the world and current affairs.

Our show investigates specific themes and settings contained in the novel: the mirage of unknown lands; migration – the journey; crossing the threshold of the unknown to reach the desires coast; the fear of the other – the stranger that we fear. By different disciplines: theatre, circus arts, dance, music. Full performance available from June 2018.

First director’s notes

The square will appear completely empty and with no signs of staging. Suddenly actors and musicians will enter the square while drumming on massive wooden barrels and carrying big props (a cart, ladders, trolleys, beams, sails). The audience, positioned in a circle around the stage will feel part of a proper shipyard, it will be witness of the construction of the White Whale. The rhythm of the narration and the development of the action is phased by the sound of 6 “Bottari”, traditional drummers of Campania, the region of Naples, who giving the beat on huge wooden barrel, bring the public into the events of the narration.

Special Local Communities Project

The show will have its own permanent staff made of actors, dancers, circus acrobats and musicians. This initial staff of 20 artists can be integrated with the participation of members of the local community or artists suggested by the hosting venue. The show can be enriched by the intervention of musicians or students of music and extras (non professional actors, amateurs, middle and secondary school students, theatre and dance school students), locally based. This hypothesis may include workshops close to the show or through a path spread during a longer time.

Mobile scenary and performance

A great theatrical element will be the movable stage, roomed to the scene by the actors, creating the platform of the ship that will be built during the show. The moving wagon used to introduce the show on scene has a dimension of 13mx7m and it brings 20 actors and musicians surrounded by wooden ladders, twisted ropes, unfolded sails. The audience will see the huge ship transforming and taking shape like magic.


6 June 2018 – Modena (ITALY) Estate Modenese 2018 (Preview)

16 June 2018 – Carpi (ITALY) Concentrico Festival

7 July 2018 – Dolo (ITALY)

26-27-28 July 2018 – Klaipeda (LITHUANIA) Klaipeda Sea Festival

DEBUT 4 May 2019  – Modena (ITALY)

8-9 June 2019  – Holzminden (GERMANY)

14 June 2019  – Pennabilli (ITALY)

22 June 2019  – London (UK)

29 June 2019  – Lecce (ITALY)

18 August 2019  – Larderello (ITALY)