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Il Gatto e la Volpe

Pinocchio met on the street a Fox, crippled on one foot, and a Cat, blind in both eyes, who were wandering together, helping each other like two good fellow sufferers… The Cat and Fox enter the stage, and through them the audience will be able to re-live the adventures of the famous puppet Pinocchio. An inquisitive log of wood full of the will to live. A semi-child who makes mistakes, tells lies, is wrong again, who is disobedient and drawn to playthings. The Cat and the Fox will always be with him. They will see him laugh, cry and throw tantrums, run away and hope. They will see him grow, learn, become a real child and learn knowledge and responsibility. A show for kids but suitable for people of all ages, it is an adaptation of the classic Italian book “The adventure of Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi. This is what Pinocchio’s tale is: the tale of development of conscience. There are many characters taking part in the journey of the puppet, mainly animals as in any respectable fairy tale, and they will help the protagonist (sometimes for his good, sometimes placing obstacles) to recognise good from evil, to learn patience, altruism, loyalty and gratefulness. Who knows if even the Cat and Fox, the most famous fiends in the history of literature, will take benefit from this incredible journey? Just like in Collodi’s work, the language of the show is simple and accessible to all and brings to the stage the sayings and proverbs which are part of Italian culture since the Renaissance. The Cat and the Fox will involve the kids first hand in the tale and in the atmospheres recreated on stage. There will be moments where the public enters into the show and moments where the shows will come to life within the audience.

Oksana Casolari,

Beatrice Pizzardo

Director: Stefano Tè

Dramaturgy, narration and assistant director: Alessandra Amerio

Sets and costumes: Oksana Casolari and Beatrice Pizzardo

Illustrations and videos: Beatrice Pizzardo

Genre: performance for children and teens.

7 febbraio 2016

Teatro di Lari (Pi)


19 febbraio

Teatro dei Segni, Modena

21 febbraio

Teatro dei Segni, Modena

24 febbraio

Nuovo Cinema Teatro Italia, Soliera (MO)