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Senso Comune (Common Sense)

Senso Comune

It’s a dreamlike performance which takes shape from the union of three elements. The edges of the city make up the element of space.

Scampia, a borough in the furthest outskirts North of Naples is the closest place to our imagination. The huge atrium of one of the many big buildings, a rare corner of shadow, where women with their shopping hide form the intense heat coming up from the cement. A hole-like area, safe from the guards, where only a distorted echo of neomelodico music can get to. A free zone once used as warehouse. Detergents, soaps, paints, fuels, polishing products and cosmetics thinners resting in perfectly piled tanks. The smell of ragù mixes with the stench of solvent. Life is the physical dimension. Entrusted in this space, three bodies. Their imperceptible movements and sudden jerks cast lines as time passes, and the three stories begin to unravel, manifest, expose themselves, and confess. No contact between them is apparent but they share a common origin: their existence at the margins. Thoughts become sounds and action, letting us inside polluted lives, in tales far from the common sense of beauty, of the well-made, of the living on sane principles. In this territory one is only there to take in the carelessness of the regular man, the sober one, the one who throws at the margins the bad smell, too much full of emptiness, the left overs, far from his primary necessities. The waiting is the dimension of Time. Lives in this space are still, they move backwards, they don’t proceed along with time. Stuck in a real place, swollen of real stories, but without a predictable future, or a step that could allow for air.

The origins

Teatro dei Venti, for years committed on projects on the cusp of theatre and social, is now starting a project that aims to blur the boundaries between these two fields, to create a container in which norm and deviance, fiction and reality, and inside and out coexist. Given the fact that activity in the social field is born from the will to stimulate people with various disorders, it is also true that from those people one can learn the most pure and simple theatre lesson, the one where the “Here and now” stops being theory and becomes reality. From this acquired knowledge the project “Common Sense” is born, directly inspired by the stories told by the users of the Centre for Mental Health in Modena, the inmates from the Casa di Reclusione of Castelfranco Emilia, and from the teenagers of Casa di Reclusione per Minori of Nisida (Naples). We don’t put on stage the play of the disadvantaged, but a portrait of their uneasiness through the work of actors that have been working with them for years. Through workshops inspired by the themes taken on in the trilogy by Umberto Boccioni “Gli stati d’Animo” (The feelings), (Those who stay, Those who leave, The goodbyes) we collected study material comparable to a Beckett piece or a choreography by Pina Bausch: physical scores, text and scenes, devised and experimented with personally by the people living everyday with disorders, have become the base of the actors’ work. As for the show: imitation is the first step, followed by technique, repetition and precision; the aim is to bring to stage the emotional magma triggered by being in contact with the unconscious purity of people considered far removed from “Common sense”.

Direction: Stefano Tè

Dramaturgy: Giulio Costa e Stefano Tè

Music: Matteo Valenzi e Igino L. Caselgrandi

Interpreters: Igino L. Caselgrandi, Francesca Figini, Antonio Santangelo, Stefano Tè

Voice-over: Ernesto Mahieux

A production by Teatro dei Venti
 With support Regione Emilia Romagna (L.R. 13/99)

Dopo esser stato presentato alla Finale del premio Scenario 2011 – a Santarcangelo di Romanga l’11 luglio 2011 – lo spettacolo del Teatro dei Venti è stato proposto:

14 luglio 2011 – 
Rassegna ARTE MEMORIA VIVA presso il Museo per la Memoria di Ustica, Bologna

24 luglio 2011 – Festival Teatro & Colline a Calamandrana Alta AT

24-25 novembre 2011 – Sala Espace, Torino

26 novembre 2011 – TeatroC, Livorno

27 novembre 2011 – Teatro di Lari, Lari PI

19-20-21-22 gennaio 2012 – Teatro dei Venti, Modena

29-30 maggio 2012 – ARGOT OFF, Roma

13 giugno 2012 – NEXT > Generation Festival, Padova

3 agosto 2012 – Collinarea Festival, Lari PI

19 ottobre 2012 – Istituto Penitenziario Minorile “N. Fornelli” BA

23 novembre 2012 – BY PASS, Arzignano VI

7-8-9-10 marzo 2013 – Teatro dei Segni MO

15 marzo 2013 – Teatro Barattoni, Ostellato FE

9-10-11 maggio 2013 – “Parabole fra i Sanpietrini”, Forte Fanfulla RM

19 maggio 2013 – Teatro Ridotto, Bologna

19 ottobre 2013 – STAZIONI D’EMERGENZA, Galleria Toledo Napoli

16 novembre 2013 – RASSEGNA CONCENTRICA Teatro Bertagnolio, Chiaverano (TO)

27 febbraio 2014 – “Teatro Scuola di Legalità” – Ass.ne LIBERA, Teatro dei Segni Modena

12 aprile 2014 – Testimonianze ricerca azioni 2014, Teatro Akropolis Genova

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