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Love. Hate. Two sides of the same coin. And those who love with their heart can confuse one with the other. Set against the background of the Trojan War, two figures, a man and a woman, fight in a duel and fall in love with each other. The two characters are Achilles, the bravest of all Greek heroes; a figure of taurine masculinity, warlike, with a strong neck and shiny metal shoulders and arms, and Pentesilea, queen of the Amazons; she who loves peace but brings torment, half fury and half grace. Pentesilea is a one act play for two stilt walkers, two beings that are half beast and half human. It’s the tale of the fight between two warriors who come to desire the other’s death because of too much love. The scene develops through an alternation of dynamic actions and the rhythmic sounds of two big mediaeval drums played live, which beat the rhythm of time and the gallop, the assaults, and the retreats, abandons and furies, building to a crescendo until leaving the place to the great final silence.

Street show

with Antonio Santangelo, Francesca Figini

Live music: Igino L. Caselgrandi

Set design and costumes: Emanuela Dall’Aglio. Assistant: Veronica Pastorino

Director and dramaturgy: Stefano Tè

Consultant director and dramaturgy: Mario Barzaghi

Production by Teatro dei Venti

5 june 2015 – Spazio Cajka, Modena (Italy)
7 june 2015 – Mercurdo, Castelvetro (Italy)
10 july 2015 – Itineraria Festival, Sarzana (Italy)
12 july 2015 – Rivarolo Mantovano (Italy)
17 july 2015 – Estate Modenese, Modena (Italy)
28 july 2015 – Collinarea Festival, Lari (Italy)
4 june 2016 – Festival Facyl, Salamanca (SPAIN)
10 june 2016 – Novi Sad (SERBIA)
5 july 2016 – L’Emilia e una notte, Rubiera (Italy)
2 august 2016 – Fusorari, Modena (Italy)
4 august 2016 – Festival Teatri del Cimone, Sestola (Italy)
25 august 2016 – Parchetto San Giovanni Bosco, Modena (Italy)
24 september 2016 – Riolunato (Italy)
28 february 2017 – Thrissur (INDIA)
6 march 2017 – Bologna (Italy)
9 july 2017 – Arti Vive, Soliera (Italy)
9 august 2017 – Cant’ieri Festival, Travo (Italy)
12/13 september 2017 – FIT, Turda (ROMANIA)
3 august 2018 – Teatro nel Bicchiere, Scansano (Italy)
7 october 2018 – Festival dello Spettatore (Italy)
13 october 2018 – Mulino di Chiccino, Canossa (Italy)